4000TL Top Load Case Packer

As a top loading system, the 4000TL is capable of handling a variety of products across a broad range of industries. Customers utilize this cost-effective machinery to package products safely and efficiently.

The 4000TL offers high added safety features to ensure that both products and operators are safe throughout the packaging process.

  • Designed for a variety of flexible packages.
  • Easily accommodates any type of product: standing up, laying down, single file or multi-stream infeeds.
  • A good solution for contract packers, specialty product makers, limited time offers and new product launches.
  • Occupies similar floor space as hand pack operations, with the added benefit of fully automatic performance.
  • Up to 10 cases per minute or 20 picks per minute with a wide case range.
  • Best Suited For Applications

    Wet wipes

  • Speed

    Up to 10 cases per minute

  • Compact Footprint

    Reduce operational costs with a compact machine that can also be easily integrated

  • Servo Changeover

    Optional servo-controlled changeovers in under 15 minutes to minimize downtime

  • Ergonomic

    Designed to have easy access points for maintenance and cleaning

  • HMI

    10" HMI for simple and operator friendly touchscreen interface

  • Flexible

    Wide product and case size range that can handle a variety of pack patterns

  • Industrial Construction

    Robust tube framing with automotive finishing

  • Infeed Conveyors

    Install an infeed conveyor to eliminate the manual process

  • Inspection Systems

    Ensure that all packages are packed properly with a secondary inspection system to eliminate operator errors

  • Lane Diverters

    Edson's lane diverters are designed to keep your lines organized and efficient, for product cumulation up to 5 lanes

  • Checkweighing

    Keep all your packaged products consistent with a weight system

  • Product Orientation Systems

    Edson's product orientation systems keep your products properly oriented for extra safety and security

  • Palletizing

    Integrate with a Brenton palletizer for a complete automated process

  • Pallet conveying

    With a automated pallet conveying process, operators can be freed up to other lines or areas of the plant

  • Stretch Wrapping

    Integrate with an Orion stretch wrapper for secure pallet wrapping to ensure your packages are protected while shipping

  • Case Types

    RSC, HSC, optional trays

  • Machine Footprint

    9' x 12'

  • Case Length

    10" - 24"

  • Case Width

    5" - 16"

  • Case Height

    8" - 18"