Tissue - Away From Home & Jumbo Rolled Tissue

From single roll to jumbo roll bathroom tissue, our machinery is designed to improve existing packaging experiences.

Jumbo & Away From Home Tissue

At Edson, we understand the vastly changing and evolving needs of the paper products industry. From residential to away from home markets, Edson offers machinery for a wide range of applications. Away from home bath tissue is used in diverse environments, including food service, healthcare, hospitality, office, manufacturing, retail, etc. Whether single roll, jumbo roll, small core, or coreless bathroom tissue, our toilet paper packaging machinery is designed to improve existing packaging experiences and increase productivity.

With numerous machines designed to convert roll products for away from home markets, we understand the need for fast and rugged packaging machines. Edson is an industry leader in packaging solutions for the paper converting industry with machinery installed in most of North America’s paper mills.

The demand for tissue & toilet paper packing machinery has continued on a steady growth path since 2000. With stability in the industry, away-from-home applications are in growing demand, requiring more technological advances for packaging machinery. Edson offers innovative packaging machines for both single roll bathroom tissue and jumbo roll bathroom tissue as well as converted tissue converters. These case packing systems are designed for productivity and safety as well as for worker ergonomics. Machines used for commercial tissue packaging are created to sustain through dusty conditions, 24-hour operation, and operate with the latest innovations in the industry.

The 4000TL case packer is specifically designed for away-from-home tissue packing and includes technology from the flagship 3600 case packer. Some examples include 15 minute product changeovers, maximum case control reducing downtime and advanced remote monitoring with access from any device around the world.

Edson machinery is the perfect way to increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and maintain maximum efficiency. With incredible versatility, allow the Edson team of designers to help you for your next bathroom tissue application.

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4000TL-Robotic Top Load Case Packer