Paper Towels - Away from Home: Hard Wound Towels & Center Pull

Edson machines can be customized for away-from-home applications

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With growing demands in the tissue market, it’s becoming vital for manufacturers to have reliable packaging machinery for paper hand towels, hard roll towels, center-pull towels, and more. The away-from-home market accounts for one-third of the tissue industry with products that can be found in hospitals, rest stops, commercial kitchen facilities, amusement parks, etc.

The 4000TL is specifically designed for away-from-home tissue products and includes technology from the flagship 3600 case packer. Some examples include 15 minute product changeovers, maximum case control reducing downtime and advanced remote monitoring with access from any device around the world.

A majority of away-from-home paper towel products are purchased by institutions, janitorial services, and building owners directly from distributors, which means products are packaged in bulk and typically used in specialized dispensers. A new trend is showing that government agencies, school systems, university campuses, and hospitals are specifically looking for recycled paper hand towels.

With a focus on recycled paper towel products, many manufacturers are looking for machinery that cuts down on costs and preserves product in the packaging process. Edson’s case packing systems are versatile to handle a variety of environments for industries looking to enhance productivity through high speeds and the ability to work with a wide range of products.

At Edson, we understand the specific needs of our customers through spending time in facilities learning about the unique requirements of each facility. Waste-reduction, cost savings, reliability, and efficiency are just some of the features that our packaging machinery upholds.

Whether you’re looking for paper hand towel case packing, hand towel rolls, hard roll towels, hardwound roll towels, center-pull towels, or all of the above, our equipment is designed to handle it all. For customizable options, the Edson design team is eager to meet with you and help you achieve your exact goals in the end-of-line packaging process.

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