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Edson provides case packing solutions for Pet Training Pads

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Pet training pads, also known as potty pads, piddle pads, or wee-wee pads, are square or rectangular layers of absorbent material. The pet pad market is increasing due to a rise in pet adoption and rise in per capita spending. Consumers are willing to pay more and more for pet care products to provide their pets with the best possible comfort. It is imperative then that companies’ setup infrastructure to keep up with their customers’ needs

Edson is a packaging company known for manufacturing effective case packing machines equipped with product flexibility, the latest technology, and experienced staff to help support each piece of equipment.

The packaging of pet training pads requires reliable, flexible machines that support all packaging needs, and end-of-line operations.

At Edson, we recognize the need for seamless, innovative, and efficient case packing systems. As such, we offer packaging solutions that enable businesses to package pet training pads effectively.

The 3600C Compact Case Packer, and the 4000TL-Robotic Top Load Case Packer are both ideal machines for the packaging of pet training pads.

The 3600C provides world-class case packing with a rate of up to 15 cases per minute, all in a compact footprint. Pet training pads can come in many different pack patterns, product, and case sizes. The 3600C was designed with adaptability in mind, with the capacity to handle a variety of different case sizes, allowing firms to package all types of products with just one machine.

The 4000TL is a robotic solution that harnesses the power of automation for case packaging. With the pet training pad industry growing quickly, scaling production can become expensive. The 4000TL occupies similar floor space as hand pack operations, allowing businesses to save on labor costs through automated performance, all while maintaining a speed of up to 12 picks per minute.

Edson 3600C & 4000TL
Edson 3600C & 4000TL