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Edson provides flexible high-performance case packing solutions for the Incontinence Product industry.

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The incontinence product industry is constantly expanding, with new product lines being developed quickly. Case packing machines for incontinence products need to be accommodating to all types of pack patterns, product, and case sizes. The 4000TL-Robotic is designed to be flexible for a wide variety of packages, and can easily adapt to any type of product, whether standing up, laying down, single file or multi-stream infeeds.

Incontinence products such as adult disposable diapers and bed pads must be packed quickly, efficiently, and with ease. At Edson, we recognize the evolution of technology, and how automation can help businesses both big and small with their end-of-line packaging operations.

Edson offers case packing solutions that meet the needs of incontinence product companies that see the power of automation, and how it can help bring value to their business.

The 4000TL-Robotic Top Load Case Packer is specifically designed for incontinence products with features such as easy access points for maintenance and cleaning, an operator friendly touchscreen interface, and a speed of up to 12 picks per minute.

The 4000TL-Robotic harnesses the power of automation, occupying similar floor space as typical hand pack operations, with the added benefit of fully automatic performance. Enabling increased productivity and reduced labor costs, all while maintaining maximum efficiency.

4000TL-Robotic Top Load Case Packer
4000TL-Robotic Top Load Case Packer

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