3600C Compact Case Packer

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The 3600-C provides world-class case & tray packaging equipment for tissue and nonwoven industries at a rate of up to 15 cases per minute in a compact footprint.

When it comes to choosing packaging machinery, one of the most important considerations is how much floorspace is available. Just because floorspace is limited, doesn’t mean that a manufacturer can’t add automation to the packaging process. For applications requiring a compact footprint, the 3600-C is the obvious choice to add efficiency and speed.

Frequent product changeovers can often cause significant delays and unwanted downtime. Edson puts heavy emphasis on making our case packers customizable for a variety of case sizes. This way, instead of installing several machines, you can use one fully integrated machine for all products. Changeover adjustments are available in manual, air, or servo. This system is suited for case dimensions as small at 8” and as large at 28”.

The robust machine design features ergonomic access points for quick handling, an easy-to-use Allen-Bradley controls platform, and an integrated main control panel for faster installation. Early minor flap tucking provides stability and control for ease of transfer and less product jams. After flaps are tucked, the case is sealed by hot melt glue.


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  • Best Suited For Applications

    "Away From Home" tissue and non-woven products

  • Speed

    Up to 15 cases per minute

  • Compact Footprint

    Streamline integration into existing lines with limited space

  • Servo Changeover

    Optional servo-controlled changeovers in under 15 minutes to minimize downtime

  • Large Case Size Range

    Compact machine with a large case size range

  • Ergonomic

    Designed to have easy access points for maintenance and cleaning

  • RFID Change Parts

    Minimize operator errors with optional RFID Change Parts to reduce production downtime

  • HMI

    10" HMI for simple and operator friendly touchscreen interface

  • Sealing

    Hot melt glue, tape and cold glue options

  • Case Types

    RSC and HSC

  • Machine Footprint

    20' x 26'

  • Case Length

    12" - 28"

  • Case Width

    8" - 24"

  • Case Height

    7 1/2" - 24"

  • Knocked down length

    18 1/4'' - 44 1/4''

  • Knocked down width

    13'' - 42''