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Edson machinery offers high speed solutions for the facial tissue industry.

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Edson, a ProMach brand, specializes in the manufacturing of high performance case and tray packaging machines. Working in the facial tissue industry, Edson is able to provide customers with safe, sanitary resources for mass production of sensitive tissue products.

Companies in the tissue industry look to Edson equipment for their high speed operations. Each Edson machine is designed to work efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the products. As a standard, Edson makes the packaging process quick and seamless for a variety of products in the tissue industry.

Facial tissue products require sanitary and gentle handling. That’s why Edson offers advanced technology tissue converters. These reliable and rugged packaging machines are used for 24-hour operation in a variety of packaging environments. Because facial tissue can create dusty conditions, the machines used are built tough to withstand the conditions and provide flexibility and durability.

In addition to the tissue converters, Edson also offers case packing systems. Facial tissue products also need safe and gentle product handling. The case packers ensure that manufacturing these sensitive products is done so with gentleness, ease, and safety.

The 3600HS Case Packer securely package facial tissues without sacrificing productivity. Working at high speeds, end of line packaging has never been easier. For customization of machinery, Edson also offers case packer options. When facial tissue products require specific standards, Edson offers a variety of solutions, including product orientation, automated changeovers, servo adjust motors, and more.

The product orientation option is designed to provide the correct product orientation for packaging facial tissue. The highest quality is poured into these machines and systems to ensure that products are safe and secure throughout the packaging process.

Whatever packaging challenge customers have, Edson works hard to create a lasting solution. Reliable packaging machinery has incredible long-term value. These machines are available for customers producing a wide range of product sizes and weights.

Durable with unprecedented features, such as ease of installation, high speeds of 20 or more cases per minute, and few changeover adjustments, the 3600HS offers high operating reliability and flexibility for any packaging line.

Edson 3600 High Speed Case Packer
3600HS High Speed Large Case and Tray Packer