Offering side load and top load solutions.

In the world of wipes, the number of wipe types and usage continues to increase. They are everywhere we are. Baby, bathroom, personal/cosmetic, dusting and floor cleaning wipes are in our homes, Cleanroom wipes are in our offices and shop floors. Medical wipes are in our hospitals. When it comes to getting those wipes from the manufacturer to store shelves or distribution centers and into our homes and businesses, many people don’t think about the significance of the secondary packaging, but rather they think about the product inside the package.

Producers of all types of wipes find their packaging answers and solutions in Edson. Edson machines are innovative and easy to use and designed with flexibility, speed, and versatility in mind. The 4000TL-Robotic Top Load Case Packer offers a more cost-effective way to protect and securely pack this durable and lightweight product into cases for shipment. The nonwovens wipes industry requires high-performance case packing solutions, that provide speed and flexibility to ensure efficient and smooth end of line operations.

Edson 4000TL-Robotic Top Load Case Packer

The 4000TL-Robotic is used by small, medium and large wipe manufacturers as it can easily package any type of product, whether standing up, laying down, single file or multi-stream infeeds. The 4000TL-Robotic allows production lines to harness the power of packaging automation with the added benefit of installing a robotic system with a compact footprint that occupies similar floor space as typical hand pack operation. Companies can expect to save on labor costs, increase productivity, and maintain maximum efficiency.

Edson is a member of INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, that serves hundreds of member companies in the nonwovens / engineered fabrics industry doing business globally.