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Edson offers a wide range of end-of-line packaging solutions specific to the paper towels industry.

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Edson offers a wide range of end-of-line packaging solutions specific to the paper towels industry. When packaging these products, Edson understands the need for high speed, gentle, quality machinery. The packaging systems available are designed for premium packaging services for 24-hour operation.

Edson’s expert team works with clients to create unique, rugged, and reliable packaging machines to meet specific product requirements. Each machine is built to perform for years to come and offers customers customizable options.

Manufacturing high-performance case and tray packaging systems, Edson offers high speed, reliable machinery. With innovative, advanced horizontal case packing, material handling, and top load robotic solutions, each piece of equipment is designed with extreme precision.

For paper towel and converted paper products, the systems available utilize the latest technologies for end-of-line packaging solutions. Tissue converters are fast and rugged for around-the-clock operation. When customers face application challenges, Edson offers premium design services to work one-on-one with companies to create a dependable packaging machine.

Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority as we manufacture packaging machinery. Our customizable options allow for automated features for your paper towel applications. These converters can withstand diverse conditions, including the very dusty environment that is associated with manufacturing paper towel products. Each machine is inundated with the latest technology as well as experienced personnel to ensure that your experience is flawless.

Flexible machines are vital in the tissue industry and that’s why Edson offers a variety of case packers and additional options. The 3600 series offers case packing solutions at a variety of speeds and applications for end-of-line packaging designed for secure and safe packaging.

Regardless of product size or weight, Edson’s robotic pick and place systems can handle the job. One of the biggest benefits noted by paper towel product manufacturers is the efficiency experienced. Because of the flexibility of this machine, performance increases and efficiency is attained.

In the converted paper industry, paper towel products range in size and weight, leading to diverse packaging requirements. Case packing options allow for product orientation, automated changeovers, and much more to alleviate some of the time used in changeovers.

Edson 3600 High Speed Case Packer
3600HS High Speed Large Case and Tray Packer