RP-200 Fully Automatic RPC Erector

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The Edson RP-200 provides a reliable solution for RPC tray erecting. This application can be used in many industries including protein, produce, automotive, and endless others. This machine fully automates tray erecting, which reduces labor costs, improves safety, and allows for employee skills to be put to better use in other areas.

The RP-200 uses high speed servo's to ensure the handling of trays is quick, accurate, and consistent; this reduces downtime and increases efficiency. The compact machine design features an ergonomic easy load single in-feed magazine to facilitate fast loading and minimal handling. The machine also features a UL Listed control panel complete with a color touchscreen HMI to perform machine function, setting input, changeover, onboard diagnostics, and positive electrical mechanical controlled cylinder tote advance. Edson's industry leading quick-change features, including scribed and intuitive labels, provide quick changes between sizes and styles. The RP-200 can accommodate standard tray sizes as well as custom ones. Should a change in tray size be required, Edson can quickly determine the necessary parameters to introduce a new tray on an existing machine.

The IPAK TS100 Tray Stacker works in line with the Edson IPAK RP-200.

  • Speed

    Up to 25 trays per minute

  • Machine Weight

    3,500 Ibs

  • Machine Length


  • Machine Width

    6' - 8"

  • Machine Height

    7' - 4"

  • Electrical

    480 Volts, 3 PH, 60Hz

  • Safety

    Lock-out / tag-out compliant

  • Control Panel

    NEMA 12

  • Air

    1.0 cubic feet per cycle at 90 p.s.i.

  • Multiple stack single lane in-feed magazine
  • Positive servo controlled tray positioning
  • VFD controlled conveyor speed
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Integrated safety guarding
  • E-stop push button stations
  • Downstream remote demand sensor
  • UL Listed NEMA 12 control panel and enclosure
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with ethernet
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 color touchscreen HMI controls
  • Machine diagnostic notifications
  • Change parts for major RPC trays
  • Machine monitoring system with beacon
  • Left or right hand controls
  • Custom voltages
  • Heavy duty casters with position locks
  • RPC empty tote stacker (TS-100)