Auxiliary KDF Magazine / Loader AuxMag

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The Edson AuxMag can provide hours of unattended case packing operation by automatically feeding KDFs to the case packer.

The AuxMag eliminates operator handling and loading of bulky KDFs into the case packer, and provides effective accumulation of the KDF stacks, in a space efficient area.

Once the KDF stack is placed on the in-feed Conveyor, the only manual operation is the removal of the straps and top dunnage, if any. The rest is automatic. There are various designed of AuxMags, depending upon KDF size, plant layout and feed rate. Features on the AuxMag include improved control of imperfect corrugate, a high speed KDF feeder at rates of 24 cases per minute, an automatic reject of bottom stack dunnage, and much more.

Edson machinery is dependable with a strong construction for a long lifetime. When you need durable equipment for your production needs, the AuxMag loader is the perfect solution. The Edson AuxMag is available as original system equipment or as a retrofit to any Edson or other case packer.