3600 Large Case and Tray Packer

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As a large case and tray packer, the 3600 combines the latest servo technology and unique mechanical assemblies to provide a fully integrated case and tray packaging system for a large range of cases.

The 3600 has been the industry leading highspeed Casepacker for over 10 years. Allowing customers to operate at even higher levels of performance and reliability, this system ensure customer satisfaction.

When you need a durable machine, the 3600 features few changeover adjustments, ease of cleaning, quick installation, and much more. Working at speeds up to 20 cases per minute, it offers higher operating reliability. Use the 3600 large case packer in your production room for speed, precision, and flexibility.

3600 Animation

Learn more by interacting with the 3600 animation.

  • Best Suited For Applications

    Rolled tissue, retail tissue towel, diapers and feminine hygiene products

  • Speed

    Up to 20 cases per minute

  • Servo Changeover

    Complete changeovers in 15 minutes with servo-controlled changeover system to minimize downtime

  • Large Case Size Range

    Accommodates the largest case size range in the 3600 series for optimal flexibility

  • Ergonomic

    Designed to have easy access points for maintenance and cleaning

  • RFID Change Parts

    Minimize operator errors with RFID Change Parts to reduce production downtime

  • HMI

    10" HMI for simple and operator friendly touchscreen interface

  • Sealing

    Hot melt glue sealing to ensure product protection throughout shipping and handling

  • Case Types

    RSC, HSC, Optional Trays

  • Machine Footprint

    71' x 38'

  • Case Length

    12" - 28"

  • Case Width

    8" - 24"

  • Case Height

    7 1/2’’ – 24’’

  • Knocked Down Length

    18 1/4'' - 44 1/4''

  • Knocked Down Width

    13'' - 42''