Case & Tray Packer Technology OEE Upgrades

Case and tray packer technology OEE upgrades are available for the case and tray packing equipment from Edson. These upgrades are designed to provide technological updates through HMIs and PLCs to aid in the improvement of OEE. These machine upgrades are available to modernize your current equipment with HMI technology as well as PLC updates.

Quality HMI and PLC equipment is vital to proper machine use. The technology changeover upgrades for case and tray packers feature:

  • Increased production rates
  • HMI conversion and upgrade options
  • PLC modernization to a new system platform

To ask questions and learn more about the case and tray packer technology upgrades, contact Edson today.

Modernize your current equipment with HMI equipment for ease of use and a more customizable packaging process.

Modernize your equipment with PLC updates