HMI Upgrades

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The HMI (Human Machine Interface) equipment is crucial to proper machine use. The human-machine interaction must be processed and executed with precision. When the HMI controls systems require innovative technology, your manufacturing and production rates increase.

Find the HMI systems to meet your product demands. HMI solutions consist of the following design stages:

  • interaction specification
  • interface software specification
  • interface software prototyping

The HMI equipment is designed for a variety of industries. Ensuring that your products are safe and secure throughout the manufacturing process, the Human Machine Interface exceeds your needs and expectations.

HMI conversion can come in several different forms:

  • replacing a logic module
  • upgrading the firmware
  • upgrading to a new unit

All these forms of conversion along with updated software and programming can provide enhancements for both the machine operation and the operators. Operator access to critical information on the machine operation will make it easy for them to respond to alarms and equipment stoppages. HMI conversion with advanced features including enhanced annunciation, can help increase production by reducing downtime.

If you are looking to upgrade your equipment to include an HMI or add an additional HMI to existing equipment to improve the operator interface it can be accomplished by finding a PanelView compatible with the existing PLC processor. Using the HMI software package, a program can be developed to communicate with the PLC and provide production personnel with an operator interface to easily operate equipment and respond to machine stoppages.

To maintain your recipe history and allow for additional product configurations to be added, Edson offers the ability to increase the total quantity of recipe storage on older equipment. In addition, a recipe COPY function can be added for ease of creating similar recipes which will translate to a decrease in new recipe setup time.