Case & Tray Packer System Safety Upgrades

The case and tray packer equipment system upgrades are available for the case pack and tray pack machinery from Edson. These machine upgrades are designed to retrofit old machines to comply with current state or federal safety standards. These OEE changeover upgrades include guarding, light curtains, and zoning as well as miscellaneous service updates.

Upgrade to maintain current state or federal safety standards by investing in safety upgrades, including:

  • Guarding and guard door upgrades
  • Light curtain upgrades
  • Safety zoning
  • Safety PLC upgrades
  • Pneumatic valve bank upgrades
  • Update & adding safety servos

Safety upgrades ensure that your machines are safe for endless use. To find out more about the safety features from Edson, contact us today.

Keep up with federal safety standards

Countless machine updates available