Robotic Infeed De-Strapping System

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In the midst of widespread labor shortages, Edson has developed the Robotic Infeed De-Strapping System, a groundbreaking solution designed to introduce vital automation into the infeed process of a diverse range of primary and secondary packaging machines.

Once stacks are placed onto the infeed conveyor, the Robotic De-Strapping System undertakes a variety of tasks tailored to the specific product and application. Its versatile capabilities include confirming the correct stack placement, cutting, removing, and feeding bands or straps into a chipper for automated waste management, eliminating top dunnage and other undesirable materials, and detaching stack labels used in transportation. Following this, the system automatically adjusts the stack's orientation to facilitate seamless integration into the downstream equipment area. This cycle repeats for any additional stacks awaiting processing on the system’s conveyor, optimizing operational efficiency. Additionally, the system features a barcode scanner to validate the accuracy of stack loading to ensure precise operation. Compatible with stacks delivered by fork trucks, clamp trucks, and AGV/LGVs, the system offers unparalleled versatility.

While ideally complementing Edson's range of dependable case packers, the Robotic De-Strapping System extends its utility to automating the infeed processes of depalletizers, fillers, case packers, and beyond.

Not only does this innovative system alleviate the strain of labor shortages, but it also liberates operators to concentrate on more value-added tasks within the production process. By eliminating human error, the system guarantees heightened accuracy, efficiency, safety, and consistency. Manually performing these tasks can pose significant physical challenges for operators, including the risk of injuries from handling heavy stacks, cutting straps, and loading them into packaging machines.