KDF Infeed Management System

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Amid industry-wide labor shortages, Edson has developed the KDF Infeed Management System. This system adds a solution that completely automates the KDF infeed area of a case packer.

Once stacks are loaded onto the case packer's infeed conveyers, the KDF (knocked down flat) Infeed Management System prepares the cases by validating the proper stack for the case packer, cutting and removing the packing bands, chopping the bands, removing the top dunnage, and removing the stack labels used in transportation. The system then automatically squares the stacks and presents them to the case packer. This process repeats for any waiting stacks on the KDF infeed conveyor maximizing efficiency. The system includes a barcode scanner that verifies that the correct stack has been loaded into the machine as added validation. The system is compatible with KDF stacks being delivered by fork trucks, clamp trucks, and AGV/LGV’s.

Not only does the system provide a solution for labor shortages but it also frees up operators to focus their time on other areas of production where their skills would be put to better use. This level of automation takes the possibility for human error completely out of the equation. An automated system is more accurate, efficient, safer, and repeatable. When done manually, this process can be difficult and tough on an operator's body. Moving heavy stacks, cutting bands, and feeding it into the case packer are all actions that can lead to injuries.