Guarding, Light Curtains and Zoning

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The current state of federal safety standards have been challenging for many manufacturers with older machinery. If there is no budget to replace older equipment, and in cases where equipment does not meet the current safety standards, there is no other option but to upgrade. Edson’s long established competencies in our own proprietary machine design and manufacturing also provides the competency of re-building and overhauling Edson and non-Edson packaging machines. Existing Edson machines readily lend themselves to the mounting and integration of a variety of guarding and safety types.

• Fixed barriers

• Sliding and swing doors

• Swing up gull wing door

• Interlocking switches

• Light curtains

• Trapped key systems

How do you ensure a case packer is safe to operate without obstructive access and sightlines? Edson can help by provide guarding solutions to meet your needs using several tried and true options. Our team can configure, design and build a robust and highly effective guarding package to your required safety standards/specifications.

The addition of safety light curtains to a machine eliminates potential hazards while allowing uninterrupted flow of product/cases into and out of the case packer. Edson utilizes the latest in light curtain technology and controls their functionality to abide with current safety regulations.

With up-times being a premium, there is a need for minimizing the impact of area specific de-energizing to the overall running of the machine. Through Safety Zoning, Edson can separate areas within the case packer to allow for safe access to one area without affecting the run-ability of another. Upgrades include safety hardware and software as well as the potential addition of physical guards between zones.