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Edson specializes in providing case packing solutions for tissue products in a variety of applications.

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Bathroom tissue and converted tissue converters require reliable, fast and rugged packaging machines for 24-hour operation, seven days a week, in very dusty conditions. Edson Packaging is known for manufacturing quality machines with the latest in technology and experienced personnel to support the equipment. When reliable, flexible machines are needed in the tissue industry, Edson case packers, robotic pick and place case packers, and case packer options are the perfect solution.

For your next application, you can rely on Edson's team to design and produce an efficient, reliable packaging machine that will perform in your converting facility for years to come. In our tradition of personal client service, our knowledgeable Application Specialist will meet with you to customize our new generation of packaging automation for your personal hygiene & tissue applications.

Case packers from Edson ensure the bathroom tissue industry efficient manufacturing. The 3600 Case and Tray Packer has the latest servo technology with the ability to be easily integrated with any production line. Designed for worker ergonomics, productivity, and safety, all converted tissue products are properly and securely packaged.

Case packer options from Edson are customizable for the tissue industry. From product orientation to servo adjust motors for automated changeovers, Edson specializes in developing solutions for every company requirement. The product orientation is available to provide the correct product orientation for packaging in the tissue industry. From starwheels or helix infeed and outfeed to the transfer systems available, Edson ensures quality, unique product orientation.

Edson 3600HS & 4000TL-Robotic
Edson 3600HS & 4000TL-Robotic

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