Diaper Packaging

Diaper Packaging

The diaper industry requires flexible high-performance case packing solutions for baby diapers and adult disposable diapers. Products must be packed quickly and safely for smooth end of line operations.

Edson case packers are designed to work around project constraints and are simple to use for operators. Adapting to the diverse needs of case packing unique product requirements, the company utilizes innovative, high speed, versatile systems to provide high quality solutions.

Edson offers a wide variety of case packing equipment suitable for diaper packaging including high speed, large case, case erectors, packers, sealers, top loading case packing systems, and more.

The 3600HS High Speed Case Packer is best applicable for the diaper industry as it is suitable for large case and tray solutions. The machine uses a unique multi-servo case handling system which requires no manual adjustments for changeovers.

The 3600HS features the latest servo technology, high speed capabilities, versatility, mechanical assemblies, high levels of performance, few changeover adjustments, quick installation, and ease of cleaning.

The 3600HS makes case packing an efficient and effective process for major production of diaper products. When packaging cases of diaper products, it’s crucial to have a low maintenance machine that is easy to operate and maintain.

Case packing machine for disposable adult briefs and baby diapers may require customizable solutions. Edson offers case packer options to make the diaper packing process quick and seamless. Choose from production orientation, lane diverters, servo adjust, HMI features, and more.

When switching between products, the servo adjust feature alleviates changeovers from hours to mere minutes. When changing pack sizes for diaper products, servo adjust keeps everything simple. The operator loads the proper KDF and the HMI notifies which parts need to be changed out.

Edson diaper packing solutions are designed to improve production rates and create simplicity in the end of line packaging process. Each system allows baby diaper and adult disposable diapers to be packed efficiently with innovative technology to help along the way.

Edson 3600 High Speed Case Packer
3600HS High Speed Large Case and Tray Packer