Adjustment Upgrades

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Today’s demands for change-over optimization means that case packer operators don’t have time to spend valuable minutes switching from one case size and pack size/pattern to another. Edson’s veritable options for change-over adjustments help get you from here to there and back again in much less time and with much less effort.

Remove operator hand cranks to speed up any change point. Take any existing changeover point and let Edson add quick adjust air motors and manual lever valves to it.

• Faster change-over with easier access for even the heaviest adjustment.

• Improved operator ergonomics

• Can be adjusted “on the fly” while the machine is running to compensate for corrugate or product variances

Edson can easily retrofit most change points to servo motors or even air motors with linear encoders. This allows push button changeover.

• Fastest machine changeover

• Most accurate changeover

Horizontal positioning of Tuckers is much easier, thanks to Edson’s linear slide mount assemblies. Adjustment rods can be coupled with servo or air powered actuators to provide positive placement and ease of operation.

Avoid awkward and cumbersome guide adjustments with simple sliding guides. These durable and lightweight guides are easy to lock into place and include scales for accurate change-over positioning.

Why adjust multiple vertical positions of components when you can just do so with just one! Edson offers an Adjustable Vertical Sealer Channel option to position devices mid-case all the time, every time. All previous vertically adjusted devices (i.e. glue guns, tuckers, case guides, compression rams, etc) can now be fixed in place and positioned optimally through one change-over axis point. Experience significant change-over time reduction and device positioning with this incredible upgrade!