Case & Tray Erector-Packer-Sealer SR 3500

The SR 3500 gently collates and packs all rigid and semi-rigid packages into case loads at speeds up to 22 cases per minute.  As change parts are minimal resulting in a two to five minute changeover time between products, the slip sheet provides a protective layer between products during collation.  With so many features on the SR 3500, your production rates with drastically increase.

The sequence of operations uses rows of primary packages.  After the cassette lowers and the slip sheet advances for collation of the second layer, the transfer holds the collated product and the slip sheet retracts to the place the second layer onto the first layer.  Creating time efficiency and precision, the SR 3500 maintains its speed for faster, more effective production. 

Features on the SR 3500 include a case and tray opener that handles square cases, design flexibility that can handle a variety of pack patterns, product sizes, and case sizes, ease of cleaning, a cost effective structure, and much more.

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  • Features

    The SR 3500 is a innovative machine which brings together high-speed performance with accuracy and reliability. This machine has been designed with flexibility in mind, as it can be used in the tissue, food, consumer, and pharmaceutical industries. It can be used as a case or tray packer, and is also capable of processing wrap-around cases.

    Case Size Min Max
    Length 6" 20"
    Width 6" 15"
    Depth 6" 15"
  • Integration Options

    • Infeed conveyors
    • Inspection systems
    • Lane diverters
    • Checkweighing
    • Coding & labelling
    • Product orientation systems
    • Palletizing
    • Pallet conveying
    • Stretch wrapping

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