Food producers demand efficient and reliable case and tray packaging systems for non-stop production in wet or dry environments. Continuously welded (stainless steel) frames, curved edges and above standards guarding systems maximize sanitation and safety. Customization and consistent innovation is essential as food producers are looking for equipment that will ensure every product is properly packaged for shipping.

Edson is part of the collaborative network of ProMach product brands. With ProMach, customers can trust that the reputation they have worked so hard to earn is truly safe, because they deliver more than just machines and solutions, ProMach delivers performance. Ensuring performance in every package means ProMach’s people and processes work as one, that is why Brenton, another member of the ProMach family of brands, is the preferred provider of food and beverage secondary packaging solutions.

Brenton is the producer of customized packaging machines for dairy, frozen, baked dry goods, and other food productions. The case packers are designed for end of line packaging solutions in the food industry. The BrentonPro Mach-2 is Brenton’s general purpose machine. Designed with versatility and flexibility, the Mach-2 can handle a variety of products from cartons and rolled products to bottles. This machinery uses pneumatic and servo operations to accomplish packaging for a wide product range in the food industry.

The robotic pick and place case packers are designed to meet all needs. From the two axis gantry robots to complex multi-axis robots, capable of orientation changes, Brenton has the solution for your requirements.

Just as general machinery is effective, Brenton incorporates custom solutions to ensure all needs are met in the food industry. The case packer options are customizable, ensuring that no matter what your needs, from product orientation to servo adjust motors for automated changeovers, there’s a solution for you. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) has the option of being machine mounted or mounted on a swing arm or slider for ease of access.

Appropriate infeed and collating innovative technology is applied to gently handle products from baked goods, dairy to cereal cartons at high to low speeds. Like Edson, Brenton’s goal is to meet your operating requirements and take them beyond: to tomorrow. The result is a high performance packing system, intuitive in its setup, able to accommodate all range and product types and run continuously under demanding conditions.

Dual Load/Indexing Gable Top Cartons Video Example