Feminine Care

Edson Packaging specializes in manufacturing high performance case and tray packaging systems.  Beginning in the 1960s, Edson began designing case packing solutions for the feminine care industry.  With a long-standing relationship with tissue converting companies, Edson understands the unique customer requirements.

As technologies have become available, Edson has improved its machines to ensure that companies receive the highest quality of case packing machinery with high speeds and advances for quick and seamless end-of-line packaging.  With users all around the world, Edson has created thousands of machines with flawless precision.  The case packers are flexible to respond to specific customer needs.

In the feminine case industry, sanitation is crucial.  That’s why our case packing solutions are designed to withstand a variety of harsh environments to keep products safe and secure.  At Edson, we know how to engineer machines for long lasting use without sacrificing quality.  Choose from the numerous case packing machines, including our femcare SR 3600 packing system. 

The high speed SR 3600 large case and tray packer is specifically designed to combine the multi-servo case handling automation with the SC-SS Downstacker or the SCt Upstacker with the high speed KDF auxiliary magazine for maximum performance on large case needs. 

Feminine care products are packed at high speeds with even higher levels of performance and reliability.  This system is durable for large case packing production.  Features on the 3600 include few changeover adjustments, quick installation, ease of cleaning, high speeds of 20 or more cases per minute, and flexibility to handle a wide case size range. 

One benefit of utilizing the SR 3600 large case packer is its ability to operate as a case packer or an HSC tray packer.  And, when combined with the SC collator, it provides incredibly precise results.  With changeover times less than 30 minutes, this machine is the perfect option for feminine care products.

Other case packing solutions from Edson include the 1000 Series.  As a basic air powered semi-automatic case packer, this machine is designed for maximum productivity and durability.  Features on this system include a wide case size range, low maintenance off the shelf devices, easy to program Allen Bradley PLC, and a resilient machine finish. 

Capable of handling a variety of environments, the 1000 Series can be used in the feminine care industry.  Additional features include a compact footprint, ease of operation, flexibility, and much more. 

Edson is a ProMach company, the largest packaging machinery company in North America.  With connections to packaging add-ons and customizable options, Edson customers are always a notch above the competition.  For femcare customers, having a complete packaging system is easier than ever.  Contact Edson for more information on your end-of-line packaging solutions.