Cereal Box Industry

Having around-the-clock production in a wide variety of environments is crucial in the cereal box packaging industry.  Edson is a leader in the production of packaging machines for numerous industries, including baked dry goods, dairy, and cereal box foods. 

In the cereal industry, having dependable and efficient production machinery enhances production rates and conserves costs.  Edson’s equipment is designed to maximize production.  Features on the packaging systems available include continuously welded stainless steel frames, safety guarding systems, curved edges, and above standard sanitation technology. 

Cereal cartons require innovative technology working at high speeds to increase production rates.  Edson’s machinery is designed to meet strict operating requirements for the current demand and future needs in your company.  With infeed and collating technology, the packaging systems are able to achieve high performance to accommodate a wide range of product types under demanding conditions. 

The robust case and tray packaging systems for the cereal industry ensure that each cereal box is packaged with extreme precision for safety during shipping and distribution. We are constantly innovating machinery to meet the latest standards for safety and production in the cereal industry. 

Case packers are specifically designed for end of line packaging solutions for cereal boxes.  Edson also offers robotic pick and place case packers with versatile features to meet your unique requirements.  The Robotic Case Packer RP 240 is just an example of what Edson’s robotics handle.  This machine packs small, light products as well as large and heavy products in various pack patterns.   

Designed to last, these high quality case packing systems allow companies to erect, pack, and seal cases easier than ever before.  From the fully integrated side-load case packer, Raptor SL, to the case erector-packer-sealer, 3200, each of the case packers available is versatile and accurate for an innovative experience. 

In addition to case packing machinery, Edson offers options to customize your cereal box packaging requirements.  From lane diverters to product orientation, whatever your unique need, we have a solution.  The lane diverters are capable of cumulating products in one to five lanes as well as receiving product from multiple production lines and cumulating that product for case packing. 

Regardless of which machine you need for the job, all of our packaging systems include appropriate infeed technology for gentle handling of cereal products.  With the right machines, your operating requirements can be exceeded to achieve maximum production rates without sacrificing safety, precision, or performance.