Servo Cassette Packer SCt

The SCt Servo Cassette Packer is a unique collator / packer, developed specifically for handling tissue products, from facial cartons, to multi-fold towel to bath tissue and house towel. Tissue products come in rigid and semi-rigid packages, and the Edson SCt Servo Cassette packer is a universal ‘tissue’ solution. Although designed for the tissue product market, the SCt Servo Cassette is capable of handling any product.

Excellent package control allows the collator to operate at up to 20+ cpm, and with the primary drives being servo powered, the packer is quiet, smooth and economical.

The SCt tissue packer is designed with a fully adjustable accumulation chute that engages with the case and the previous load is gently packed into the awaiting case. Features on this system include the pattern and size dependent, a two to five changeover, interlocked doors on both sides and removable maintenance panels, Edson’s flexible control platform, and much more.

Built with durability in mind, the Servo Cassette Packer SCt conveys rows of primary packages until a complete tier is detected. Then, the cassette is indexed vertically to the next shelf. The cassette is filled then moves to the packing station.

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